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'Research in Architecture' Doctoral Seminar



Istituto di storia e teoria dell'arte e dell'architettura ISA

Prof. dr. Sonja Hildebrand


Doctoral Seminar

Research in Architecture


Palazzo Turconi T0.05 

In this Doctoral seminar we will address the virulent question of research in architecture. While disciplines like architectural history or history and technology of construction are well established as fields of research, the question of how a genuine research in architecture could be developed is still unsettled. We will discuss this problem by looking at what has been described as the epistemic culture of architecture, taking Monika Kurath’s text Architecture as a Science: Boundary Work and the Demarcation of Design Knowledge from Research (2015) as a starting point. Ongoing debates about architectural research will be analysed in the context of science policies and negotiation processes under the emblem of demarcation. After an input lecture by Sonja Hildebrand a discussion will follow on the potentials, limitations and possible synergies of the epistemic cultures in which we work




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