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Residence permit for foreign students


Foreign students not yet domiciled in Switzerland must apply for a Residence permit for study in Switzerland to the Ufficio Regionale degli Stranieri in their chosen place of residence. Applicants should present the standard form, enclosing two passport-size photographs, a photocopy of their passport, extract of criminal records (original document), and a certified statement issued by the university on enrolment.

Ufficio Regionale degli Stranieri
via Pollini 29

6850 Mendrisio



Ufficio Regionale degli Stranieri

via Serafino Balestra 31/33

6900 Lugano


Students must declare that they have suitable accommodation and adequate financial means to attend courses, pay premiums and contributions for compulsory health insurance (KVG) and for their own needs. They are also required to give an undertaking to leave Switzerland after completing the course of studies.

After applying, students are authorized to reside in Switzerland pending a decision.

If a visa is required, the students should apply for an entry permit to the Swiss consulate in his/her country of residence. Entry to Switzerland is possible in this case only after the application has been approved. A visa for tourist cannot be converted into a visa for students.

Foreign students resident in a different canton must apply for permission from their canton of residence, or present an application to change their domicile to Cantone Ticino.

The forms for the Ufficio degli Stranieri are available from the Academy’s offices, which will also provide assistance and information during the enrolments.