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Laboratorio Ticino



The Laboratorio Ticino is a research facility of the Academy of Architecture that conducts activities mainly connected with issues of territorial planning and whose work flows into teaching and the dissemination of contemporary urban culture and landscape. The Laboratory develops criteria, processes and methods in its field and identifies the tools best suited for transmitting its range of expertise to public authorities and civil society in general.

Within the Academy, the Laboratorio Ticino is responsible for the disciplinary field of Culture of the Territory, with a particular concern for architectural design and urban planning, landscaping and geography; it also collaborates with the Design Studios and organizes public cultural activities in its areas of competence; it conducts research in support of territorial planning as authorised by the Canton Ticino, individual municipalities and other public bodies and subjects; it manages and coordinates the activities of the Osservatorio dello sviluppo territoriale (OST), ensuring its autonomy in terms of research; it promotes scientific research projects, publishing their contents and results; it fosters collaboration between the Università della Svizzera italiana and organs of the public administration with reference to its field of competence; it promotes cultural debate at the national and international levels on land issues and possible scenarios for the improvement of the quality of the built environment and the landscape; it takes responsibility for the different levels of higher professional training, including post-graduate education in the fields of urban planning and urban and spatial design.

  • Direttori
    • Michele Arnaboldi
    • João Nunes
  • Membri
    • Gianni Biondillo
    • Frédéric Bonnet
    • Antonio Calafati
    • Marc Collomb
    • Marco Della Torre
    • Aurelio Galfetti
    • João Gomes da Silva
    • Martina Voser
  • Coordinatore
    • Enrico Sassi
  • Staff
    • Francesco Rizzi
    • Laura Gianellini
    • Simone Garlandini


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    • Laboratorio Ticino
    • Academy of Architecture
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    • 6850 Mendrisio
    • Svizzera
  • Phone
    • +4158 666 5980
  • Fax
    • +4158 666 5868
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