of Architecture



Vista aerea del campus dell'Accademia

The Academy of Architecture is located in various administrative, educational, research, study and service buildings in the centre of the small town of Mendrisio, most of them laid out around a very fine urban park. This arrangement makes the school similar to certain prestigious university campuses that we find above all in small English cities or the United States. The Academy’s location in a setting close to yet outside the metropolitan areas facilitates student life, while the young people have easy access to the nearby cities. The various buildings on the Mendrisio campus are laid out around the park, Villa Argentina (with the faculty board and offices), Palazzo Canavée and Palazzo Turconi (teaching facilities) and the Library. Nearby are the Archivio del Moderno, a foundation that extends the school’s work in historical studies, and the Student Residence. The residence accommodates over 70 students in studio apartments, while the town of Mendrisio and the environs offer connected rental accommodation with good connections at far more accessible prices than in the metropolitan areas. The Academy has its own office to help students find accommodation.